Well, I finally got around to reposting these. Well, some at least. This
is probably not a complete set at all, nor does it have the nice examples
that Magnum's site once had posted for them. Still, here are some of the
plugins I created.

Druid Potion plugin

This plugin keeps track of what potions you have discovered, and what they
are made with, so that you can, once you know them, use a few simple
commands to tell you the number of potions you can make of each known
type, using the ingredients available.

Reboot Timer

This plugin simply sends a command, after you have logged in, to get
the uptime from the mud, then displays how long it will be until the
next reboot of the mud in Mushclient's status line.

Spell Up/Down Tracker

Be warned, there was never a "release version" of this plugin, so you
will need to figure out how its internals work and how to adjust timing
and spell types to your own character, unless you just happen to be
a druid+cleric+healer, like I was. Its also not able to perfectly
match the real times, among other minor glitches.

Combat Coloring

This plugin colors your HP, CP and the mob names, to better show
conditions. It should be noted that its slightly outdated, in that
two of its options are now redundant and the mud colors things similarly.
However, the other options are still usable, and more accurate than
the muds own condition coloring, since those modes use a progressive
change from one color to another, so that what color appears depends
on what percentage of damage you have suffered.

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